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I want to be your Executive Coach.

I know you are working as hard as you can. Early mornings, late nights.

Business development and sales pitches. Client acquisition and retention.

Hiring staff and making payroll. Keeping everybody happy, including clients and employees.

The question is, are you emotionally healthy?

Being an executive is a stressful job that few people understand. There is so much responsibility on your shoulders. You need someone in your corner who is concerned about your emotional and spiritual well-being.

That's where I can help. Not only do I know what it's like to launch a business and run a growing organization, my experience as a licensed and ordained pastor gives me a unique perspective and empathy for executive leadership.

Marketplace chaplaincy and executive coaching are growing trends amongst successful companies. More and more corporate leaders understand that the productivity of their employees correlates with the strength of their emotional health and resilience. 

You are not alone. With your permission, I'd like to be in your corner.


Dexter B. Upshaw Jr.


Our regularly scheduled sessions will serve as emotional & spiritual health check-ins.  In a safe space, we will discuss everything from highs, lows, fears, & dreams, with an emphasis on guiding each executive to carve their own path towards abundant life, from work to home.


In addition to scheduled 1:1 sessions, I will make myself available during and after business hours to talk with each executive as a confidant. Sometimes you need an impartial voice in your life to serve as a sounding board, whether it is for a major business decision or a life crisis.


Based on your needs as an executive, every month I will provide a customize digital delivery of articles, songs, videos, and devotions designed to inspire and equip you to bring the best version of yourself to the table.


Reach out and let's see if I can serve you!

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